Two Pigeons by Ohara Koson

Our Two Pigeons print by Ohara Koson is the perfect way to bring some of nature’s beauty into your home. Crafted with a soft muted color palette, this print is sure to bring a unique, peaceful ambiance to any room. With its fade-proof inks, printed on Somerset Velvet fine art paper, this piece of art will remain vibrant and beautiful for generations.

Ohara Koson (also known as Ohara Hōson or Ohara Shōson) was at the forefront of two influential art movements of the late 19th-early 20th centuries: shinsaku-hanga and shin-hanga. Throughout his career, Koson created around 500 pieces of art and was renowned for his masterful kachō-e designs. Now, you can have a piece of his work displayed in your own home.

Custom sizes available.

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