Best Bird-Themed Gifts for Toddlers - Ages 1 to 3

October 24, 2023

Best Bird-Themed Gifts for Toddlers - Ages 1 to 3

We could expound at length on how to introduce toddlers to birding, but there's really no need. Unlike most things that are good for them, getting toddlers interested in birds isn't exactly a hard sell.

With their vibrant colors, fabulous flying skills, and enchanting songs, birds easily captivate the undivided attention of toddlers with a mere flick of the tail. Toddlers' curiosity, and their eagerness to explore and understand their world, make bird-themed gifts an excellent choice for gift giving, random or scheduled.


toddler birdwatching with binoculars


Whether you're shopping for a one-year-old who's just beginning to recognize shapes and colors, or a three-year-old who's ready for more intricate play, you'll find a suitable gift. So without further ado, here's our curated, bird-themed gift guide.

Bird-themed Books

The children's book market offers a vast array of bird-themed books for toddlers. The range is impressive, from beautifully illustrated picture books like "Owl Babies" by Martin Waddell and "The Little Bird" by Paro Anand, to more educational ones like "Birds, Nests & Eggs" by Mel Boring. Each book is an opportunity for toddlers to dive into the fascinating world of birds, learning about their diverse species, behaviors, and habitats.

We've offered a few suggestions - favorites of ours over the years - but a quick trip to the bookstore will reveal multiple options that may suit your child's interests. You can also choose to subscribe to children's book services that deliver a curated selection of books right to your doorstep every month. It's a wonderful way to surprise your child and keep their book collection fresh and engaging. If you need a bit of help, here are our favorites.


Make Way for Ducklings picturebook


"Make Way for Ducklings" by Robert McCloskey is a beloved picture book that takes readers on an adventure through the bustling streets of Boston. When a family of ducklings faces the challenge of finding a safe place to live, they encounter kind-hearted humans who help them navigate the city's landmarks and traffic. This timeless classic captures the spirit of community and showcases the resilience of a family of ducks in their quest for a home. In our opinion, "Make Way for Ducklings" is a must-read for children and adults alike, reminding us of the beauty and compassion found within unexpected connections.


Flora Flamingo picturebook


"Flora the Flamingo" by Molly Idle is a captivating and beautifully illustrated picture book that tells the story of an unlikely friendship between Flora, a little girl, and a graceful flamingo. Through the use of wordless storytelling and interactive flaps, the book takes readers on a journey as Flora and the flamingo explore the trials and joys of their friendship. This Caldecott Honor-winning book showcases the power of connection and the beauty of embracing differences. 

Owl Babies picture book gift set

"Owl Babies" by Martin Waddell is a tender picture book that captures the fear and longing felt by three baby owls when their mother goes missing. As the owlets wake up one night to find their mother gone, they anxiously await her return, repeating the phrase, "I want my mommy!" Through beautiful illustrations by Patrick Benson, this story gently reassures young readers that no matter how big their worries, Mommy always comes back.

Wall and Room Decor

Another effective way to introduce toddlers to the fascinating world of birds is by incorporating bird-themed decor in their rooms. Wall decor featuring different species of birds not only adds a vibrant and lively touch but also serves as an educational tool. Each bird image or representation can be a conversation starter, opening up a world of learning about species, habitats, and behaviors, and encouraging toddlers to explore the world of birds.

Ostheimer Bird Mobile

 baby and toddler bird mobile

This Ostheimer-Mobile is carefully painted and designed by hand, and all materials are certified. We love the way the colorful bird can be suspended at different heights and it adds a playful element to any room. The soft and natural colors also complement most interiors, and it's suitable for a wide range of ages, from baby on up.

Bird World Map


World map showing birds of the world on fine art canvas with brass grommets for hanging


Our very own World Map of Birds features watercolor illustrations of birds from around the globe.  Each bird is accurately placed in its geographic location, showcasing the rich biodiversity our planet offers. From the flamingos of Africa to the puffins of the North Atlantic, the watercolor illustrations inject beauty and charm, making it a wonderful addition to your child's room or classroom. It's available on canvas with brass grommets for easy handing or on fine art paper, ready for framing. 

Counting Geese Posters


Set of 3 counting geese posters for toddler's room


Our counting geese posters for toddlers are an excellent way to introduce young children to the basics of math. The posters are printed on fine art archival paper using archival inks and make a great decorative addition to any child's room, with their soft, muted colors of dusty pink or mint green. 

Colorful Bird Poster


 active birds poster for kids in white frame


Our vibrant bird poster is a whimsical celebration of nature's charm, featuring an array of bird species including playful flamingos, ebullient toucans, and more. Each bird is captured in their characteristic pose, bringing their unique personality to life. The vibrant colors and shapes effortlessly add pizzazz to toddlers' playrooms and bedrooms.

Asian Bird Growth Chart


Growth Chart for Kids by Dera Design


Our Asian Rooster Growth Chart, printed on fine art canvas using archival inks, offers a vibrant and unique way to track your child's growth. With grommets in all four corners, this chart is easily hung in any room of the house, allowing you to create a fun and decorative space that celebrates your child’s growth. 

Beginner Bird Puzzles and Games

Puzzles and games serve as excellent tools for sparking toddlers' interest in birds, fostering both cognitive development and an appreciation for nature. As toddlers manipulate puzzle pieces to form the image of a bird, they are simultaneously developing their fine motor skills and spatial awareness. It's a good idea to keep the pieces chunky and easy for little hands to manipulate.

Games, on the other hand, provide a more dynamic learning experience. Whether it's a memory-matching game featuring different bird species or a bird-themed scavenger hunt, these activities not only provide fun but also enhance toddlers' memory and observational skills.

Tender Leaf Baby Blocks

tender leaf toddler blocks with bluebird


This easy four-piece block set is illustrated with warm, bright colors and simple graphics, with one side devoted to a cute bluebird. The toddler can create four different animal pictures using the tray to keep the pieces in place.  Develops hand-eye coordination, spatial thinking, and concentration. The age range is 18 months and over.

Glueckskaefer Birds in a Tree Puzzle

birds in a tree puzzle for toddlers

For the older toddler, consider this beautifully carved wooden birds in a tree puzzle. The puzzle has 7 birds, each a different color, and includes 9 pieces total. The puzzle is recommended for 3+ and is made in Germany using non-toxic stains and finishes.


stacking birds puzzle for toddlers

We also love this Bird Stacker from Glueckskaefer, which is also beautifully crafted from wood and great for fine motor skills and color matching. Glueckskaefer uses water-based stains that bring out the characteristics of the wood. For ages 3 and up.

Sibley Backyard Birds Matching Game

sibley matching bird game

It's hard to match David Sibley for sheer bird power. The leading ornithologist has produced several well-respected guides as well as puzzles and games for all ages. This 40-piece matching game for children ages 3+ is sure to be a hit with both older toddlers and parents.

The memory game includes 40 sturdy cards, featuring 20 hand-painted illustrations of backyard birds. Playing the matching game helps toddlers strengthen concentration and memory skills, build hand-eye coordination, and of course, identify the flying creatures that land in their backyards.

Plush Toys & Puppets

Stuffed bird toys and puppets offer a delightful way for toddlers to learn, play, and engage with the world around them. In addition to play value, plush toys can become comforting companions for toddlers, promoting emotional development and attachment formation.

Bird puppets are a great choice for older toddlers, whose interest in imaginative play is at its zenith. They offer a dynamic opportunity for narrative play, encouraging children to immerse themselves in imaginative scenarios. With all the choice out there, you're sure to find a gift that's right for your toddler. Here are a few of our favorites.

Swan Security Blanket

swan security blanket

Who said birds aren't cuddly? Mon Ami's whimsical swan security blanket has a soft velour body, with lightweight muslin wings, and just a touch of tulle. It measures 13.5 inches and is perfect for snuggling and gift-giving.

Birdling Mallard

birdling mallard stuffed toy for toddlers

Jellycat's diminutive 4" x 3" mallard duck is perfect for little hands and easy on the eyes, with its mustard bill, minty green head and rich fudge and charcoal plumage. It's suitable for all ages, from birth on up.

Funny Bird Puppet

folkmanis bird puppet for toddlers


If you're looking for something extra special, consider this magnificent puppet by Folkmanis. It's a full 20 inches tall, with long floppy wings and legs, and a moveable mouth. Perfect for comedic storytelling and imaginative play.

Wild Republic Audubon Red-Winged Blackbird

blackbird stuffed toy for toddlers

If biodiversity is your game, Wild Republic's bird-themed toys offer a fun introduction, allowing toddlers to recognize different bird species and their unique attributes. Audubon birds are not only beautiful, realistic-looking plush birds but they also have the authentic sound of the species recorded live by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  With so many species to choose from, you're sure to find a favorite. And you'll be helping out the environment, too. The inside filling is made from spun recycled water bottles.

Holiday Bird Ornaments

Sparkly eyed toddlers are near synonymous with Christmas, so their delight at receiving Christmas baubles should come as no surprise. Ornaments not only add a festive flair to the holiday season, but also serve as keepsakes, holding special meaning for years to come. Here are a few suggestions to kick-start the memory-making machine.

Maileg metal bird ornament

maileg metal bird ornament

Perfect for the Christmas tree, this metal bird ornament has hand-painted details and a vintage vibe. It measures 3.5 inches and has a loop for hanging.

Wood Kiwi Bird Christmas Tree Ornament

kiwi christmas tree ornaments

Another lovely option, this adorable Kiwi Christmas tree ornament is made of mango wood, and features gleaming brass beaks and legs. It's available at Crate and Barrel.

Bird-Themed Clothing and Accessories

Bird-themed clothing and accessories for toddlers are a fun way to add a touch of whimsy to any little one's wardrobe. From plush bird sweaters and slippers to patterned leggings and hats, there is a wide variety of items available that will keep your toddler looking adorable while expressing their love of the avian world.

Bird Umbrella

 toddler umbrella decorated with birds

If you're looking for a practical yet fun gift, why not consider a bird-themed umbrella? This adorable design by Djeco features colorful birds and is sure to brighten up any rainy day. It's also lightweight and easy for little hands to hold. Perfect for toddlers on-the-go!

Bird-Inspired Clothing

You'll have no trouble finding a suitable bird T-shirt or baseball cap, but if you're looking for something a little extra special, here are a few suggestions.

bird T-shirt dress for toddlers

For the fashion-forward toddler who loves birds, Tea Collection offers a variety of stylish and comfortable clothing options featuring bird designs. From onesies to dresses, your little one can sport their love for birds in style.

Shoes featuring birds as characters or decorations

There a quite a few inexpensive footwear options featuring birds, but we've chosen to highlight a few splurge options for those special gift-giving occasions.

Shoes for First Walkers

When it comes to petit feet, Pom D’Api knows a thing or two about comfort. Named after a much-loved French rhyme, the brand creates footwear that offers just the right amount of support, cushioning, and room for growing toes. And with over a century of expertise to its name, quality is guaranteed with every step.


 Pink toddler's first shoes with bird decoration


Delightful pale pink leather first walker boots for baby girls sport charming appliqué bird embellishments on the side and pretty, tonal lace-up fastenings on the front for a stylish finish.

navy blue first walking shoes for babies and toddlers

There's also a navy leather version with a hummingbird insert in multi-colored metallic leather. Lightweight and equipped with a rubber sole, this shoe is designed with quality materials for the proper development of the foot. 

Boots for First Birders

For toddlers who are already budding birdwatchers, consider gifting them boots that are as adventurous as they are. These Stonz boots offer excellent support, durability, and a comfortable fit, perfect for hours of exploration in the great outdoors. Pair them with a set of toddler-friendly binoculars or a bird identification guide, and you've got the perfect gift for a little birder. 


toddler rain boots for birdwatching

Made with 100% toxic-free natural rubber to keep up with their active life, these waterproof rain boots don’t have a single seam or gap to let water in. Dry toes all day long and happy birders!

Bird-themed Art and Craft Supplies

Toddlers are still a bit young for organized arts and crafts, but with a little help, they can still participate in fun projects.

Bird-shaped Crayons


bird shaped crayons


Cute and practical, these vibrant flamingo crayons are perfect for little hands to grip. For other options, look for brightly colored crayons made from non-toxic materials.

Nesting Bird Playdough Cutter Set


play doh cutters for toddlers


The nesting bird set includes the bird nest, large bird, and egg eco-friendly cutters. They are great for spring theme play, small world play, and creating the story sceneries.

Paint a Bird Feeder

The Paint a Bird Feeder kit provides an ideal opportunity to create and learn at the same time. This DIY project is simple enough for toddlers, with a little guidance, and gives them an opportunity to decorate and personalize their bird feeder with non-toxic, washable paints. Once completed, it can be hung in your backyard. Not only will your child experience a sense of achievement, but they can also enjoy hours of birdwatching fun. 

paint a bird feeder set for toddlers


This birdfeeder from Toysmith includes four paint pots, a 5-inch brush, and a chain for hanging.


A birdhouse makes a unique and educational gift for toddlers that encourages an early appreciation of nature and wildlife. Assembling a simple birdhouse can be a wonderful parent-child project, encouraging motor skills development and fostering creativity. 

Soft Indoor Birdhouse


soft indoor birdhouse for toddlers

For the youngest toddlers, a toy birdhouse makes a nice, gradual entry into the world of outdoor birds and houses. This Put and Peek Birdhouse from Manhattan toy is suitable for children 9 months and up, and is made of soft, surface washable fabrics.

Wooden Birdhouse

wooden birdhouse

Perfect for nature lovers, this solid-wood bird house from Moulin Roty will attract a variety of sparrows, chickadees, and other small birds. Place the bird feeder high out of the reach of cats and watch as the birds are drawn to this safe haven. Having birds in the garden provides entertainment and education as children watch and listen to the birds, and can also help control the insect population in your yard. 

Outdoor Play

Bird-shaped kites

With a kite in tow, even a very young toddler can enjoy hours of active outdoor play while learning about wind. Not only is kite-flying fun, but it also helps develop hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. So get ready to soar!


bird shaped kite for toddlers

This Moulin Roty Bird Kite features a majestic multicolored bird of paradise with a long train of ribbons. It comes in a handy carrying case and includes a winding handle and 2 fiberglass rods for its wings.

Children's Bird Binoculars


toddlers' binoculars for birdwatching

A pair of binoculars might not seem like a toddler-friendly toy, but these adorable binoculars from Educational Insights are designed with young children in mind. Their GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars are kid-tough binoculars with 2x magnification and a breakaway neck strap. Best of all, they feature enlarged, focus-free eyepieces - perfect for toddlers' next birding adventures.


beach ball decorated with birds

Great for a day at the beach or in the park, this bird-themed beach ball from Djeco is sure to provide hours of fun. Made with high-quality materials and featuring a cute bird design, this beach ball is easy to inflate and perfect for outdoor play.

Pretend Play

Pretend play is a magical part of childhood that allows children to explore, learn, and grow through imagination. From role-playing as birds in a nest to managing a bird sanctuary, bird-themed pretend play toys help children develop cognitive and social skills while nurturing a love for nature. There's lots of room for DIYers, but here are some gift options you can purchase. 

Felt Bird Masks

cardinal felt bird mask for toddlers pretend play

Get ready for some imaginative play with fun bird masks. This cardinal mask from Magical Attic has two-layers and is made from soft eco-friendly felt, held firmly in place with elastic.

Wooden Bird Figurines

Wooden bird figurines are a wonderful addition to any toddler's pretend play collection. These small, hand-painted toys can spark imaginative play and help develop fine motor skills. With their vibrant colors and detailed designs, wooden bird figurines are sure to capture the attention of toddlers.


bird figurine play set for toddlers


These miniatures by Holztiger can be used for various pretend play scenarios, such as creating a backyard bird sanctuary or going on a bird-watching adventure. They can also be used as props in storytelling and role-playing games, allowing children to act out their own avian adventures.

Sarah's Silks Forest Wings


silk wings for toddler


Let your toddler transform into a majestic bird with Sarah's Silks Forest Wings. Made from soft, lightweight silk and hand-painted with beautiful nature-inspired designs, these wings are the perfect addition to any dress-up box. Whether your child wants to be a soaring eagle or a delicate hummingbird, these versatile wings can adapt to any imaginative play scenario. And when they're not being used for dress-up, they can also be hung up as a decorative piece in a child's bedroom or playroom.

Final Thoughts

Bird-themed toys offer a unique and exciting way for children to engage with nature while promoting their physical, cognitive, and social development.

Whether your child is taking flight with a bird kite, observing feathered friends with their own binoculars, or letting their imagination soar with bird-themed pretend play toys, each interaction brings a new opportunity for learning and discovery.

Decorating your toddler's room with bird-themed pieces is also an ideal way to spark their interest in birds. Have a look at our collection of bird-themed wall decor for loads of inspiration.


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