From Beak to Chic: Bird Prints to Enhance Your Bathroom Decor

March 16, 2024

From Beak to Chic: Bird Prints to Enhance Your Bathroom Decor

Welcome, nest-makers and feather aficionados! So you're interested in bird prints in the bathroom? Outstanding choice! We're diving beak-first into all the trends, tips, and tidbits. Whether you're aiming for the calming vibes of a morning dove or the tropical flair of a parrot, we've got the lowdown to help you curate a space that's both serene and sprightly – a daily getaway where the call of the wild meets the comfort of your own nest. 

Rudbeck Gull over a sink in a white bathroom
Olof Rudbeck's Larus Gull in a gold-toned frame fits perfectly with the faucet and accessories. First, though, a little promo on behalf of the birds. It's hard to understate the visual appeal of bird prints or their versatility. Modern, minimalist setting? No problem. Cozy, rustic environment? No problem there, either. Bird prints effortlessly enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room, and if that weren't enough, they also offers the charms of the outdoors within your own soothing retreat. So let's get started on finding the perfect prints.

The Versatility of Bird Prints

Bird prints offer a wide range of possibilities for creating diverse bathroom designs. Diversity, after all, is in their nature. Here's how bird prints can contribute to different bathroom design aesthetics in your space.

Modern Interiors

In modern bathrooms, bird prints can bring a contemporary and artistic touch to your decor. Incorporating abstract or minimalist bird prints in sleek frames can add a sense of sophistication and visual interest. The versatility of bird prints allows for the integration of bold, graphic representations of birds that align with the clean lines and minimalistic elements often found in modern bathrooms. But minimalist rooms needn't have minimalist art. In the image below, the bathroom is minimalist in the extreme, benefiting from the infusion of texture and color via the Koson pigeon print. 

japanese bird print in a bathroom

 Pigeons by Ohara Koson 

Classic Interiors

For bathrooms with a classic vibe, traditional bird prints in vintage frames or ornate wallpapers featuring intricate bird motifs can evoke a timeless and elegant ambiance. Traditional bird prints can seamlessly blend with classic fixtures and decorative elements, enhancing the overall charm of the space. Go for the classics - Audubon or Rudbeck prints - either alone or as part of a gallery.

Audubon bird print in a classic bathroom

The bathroom above is updated classic, featuring black walls and clean counter lines in addition to traditional features. The room's classic vibe is enhanced by an Audubon Wren print that echoes the green leaves on the vanity.

Natural and Organic Interiors

Bird prints can contribute to a natural and organic bathroom design by bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside. Soft, nature-inspired bird prints in earthy tones can complement organic materials such as wood and stone, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

Rudbeck duck print in a bathroom with a natural theme

 Rudbeck duck print in a bathroom with an organic vibe

The Olof Rudbeck Goosander Duck print in the above bathroom complements the wooden accents tables. Isolated on an off white background, the print adds subtle color but keeps the feeling uncluttered and modern. 

Scandinavian and Japandi Aesthetics

Bird prints effortlessly blend into Scandinavian and Japandi-styled bathrooms, adding a touch of nature and symbolism to these minimalist and harmonious design styles. As a bonus, bird-themed decor is often associated with mindfulness and mindful living, particularly in design styles such as Japandi, which melds the simplicity of Scandinavian design with the mindfulness of Japanese aesthetics. This fusion creates spaces that prioritize tranquility and promote a sense of relaxation through the incorporation of bird-themed elements.

Olof Rudbeck snowy owl on a white wall

Rudbeck Snowy Owl

Whether Japandi leans more to the Scandinavian or Japanese style depends on personal preference. The Rudbeck Snowy Owl in the white bathroom above clearly favors a Scandinavian design aesthetic, adding interest without overwhelming the space. The Ohara Koson bird print in the image below creates a much more Japandi feel in a bathroom with warm wood, stone tiles, and access to the outdoors.

Japanese bird print in a Japandi style bathroom

The blue bird near the center of the print provides the single source of color in an otherwise muted palette perfectly suited to the Japandi style. 

Biophilic Design

While there is some overlap with other interior styles, we think Biophilic deserves its own discussion. Bird-themed decor aligns perfectly with biophilic design principles, which emphasize the positive impact of nature-inspired elements on human well-being. The inclusion of bird imagery brings elements of nature indoors, promoting a deeper connection to the natural world. And, in theory, contributing to an overall sense of calm and relaxation.

Rudbeck Crane in a biophilic bathroom

Rudbeck Crane print in an airy bathroom

With biophilic design, you're not just putting up wallpaper; you're giving your bathroom a Zen makeover. This isn't just about 'going green' – it's about feeling green, minus the envy! Studies show that a little touch of Mother Nature right where you towel off can boost your mood, refine your focus, and even help you breathe easier – who knew?

So before you start thinking your bathroom is happier as a utilitarian cave, remember that with biophilic design, a few plants, a bird print or two, and some natural light could turn the space where you usually rush through your morning routine into a calming nook that's practically a spa.

Kids' Bathroom

If you're lucky enough to have a separate kid zone, then why not make it a whimsical and fun space? Brightly colored bird prints featuring cartoon birds or playful patterns can add a touch of adventure to the bathroom. With bird prints, you can add splashes of color, fun, and learning, all while keeping the decor light and joyful. Imagine stepping into a room where flamingos stand tall on the shower curtains, and a flock of colorful parrots perches on the wallpaper, welcoming little ones with their vibrant plumage, and bird prints adorn the walls. It's not just a bathroom; it's an adventure! 

girl's bathroom with Schumacher bird and butterfly wallpaper

Schumacher Birds and Butterflies wallpaper in a girl's bathroom (Source)

For a more casual feel, the bird poster shown below adds a splash of color and a little whimsy to the stark white bathroom walls.

colorful kids' bird poster on a white bathroom wall

 Birds Action Poster

Bird-themed decor in a child’s bathroom can be a fantastic and sneaky way to turn bath time into an educational excursion, like this bird action poster. Labels next to elegant sketches of sparrows, robins, or even the exotic toucan can turn a simple "brush your teeth" moment into "did you know a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance?" conversation starter.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bird Prints

When selecting bird prints for bathroom decor there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are same tips for choosing the right bird prints.

Color Scheme

Consider the existing color scheme of the bathroom. If the bathroom features a neutral color palette, bird prints with vibrant colors can act as focal points, adding visual interest to the space. Alternatively, if the bathroom already has bold or colorful elements, consider bird prints with more subdued tones to complement the overall aesthetic without overwhelming the design. Of course you can also pair a muted interior with soft colors for a cohesive look. For a serene and calming atmosphere, consider prints with soft, natural tones such as muted greens, earthy browns, and gentle blues.

Bathroom color palette with bird prints 


Evaluate the available wall space in the bathroom to determine the appropriate size for the bird prints. Large prints can make a bold statement and work well as standalone pieces on spacious walls, while smaller prints may be ideal for creating gallery arrangements or fitting into more compact spaces. Gallery collections are great in rustic or classic interiors, while a standalone print works well in contemporary designs.


3  Audubon bird prints on a bathroom wall

The three Audubon bird prints over the tub in the above image are the perfect size and scale for this bathroom. 

Framing Options

Choose framing options that align with the bathroom's style. For modern bathrooms, sleek and minimalist frames can enhance the contemporary look, while ornate or vintage frames may complement classic or eclectic aesthetics. In moisture-prone environments like bathrooms, consider using moisture-resistant framing materials to ensure the longevity of the artwork.

Olof Rudbeck Black Diver bird print in a black bathroom with wood accentsIt's also a good idea to consider which design elements to highlight when considering framing options. In the bathroom above, the dark grey and black tiles and tub are paired with warm wood and wood-toned fixtures and flooring. The Rudbeck Black Diver in a wooden frame echoes the design and amps it up a notch.

Subject and Style

Select bird prints that resonate with the overall theme or mood of the bathroom. Whether it's realistic bird illustrations, abstract representations, or artistic photographs of birds in their natural habitats, the subject and style of the prints should harmonize with the desired ambiance of the space.

Birds of North America Biodiversity poster

For the birding or nature enthusiast, this bird poster, printed on archival canvas with brass grommets for hanging, adds a personal touch, highlighting the owners interest in birds and biodiversity.

Lighting Considerations

Natural and artificial lighting play a large role in determining which bird prints to include in your bathroom decor. Prints with reflective surfaces or metallic accents can interact dynamically with light and add dimension to the artwork, enhancing the visual appeal of the space. Consider the impact of lighting on the overall ambiance. Soft, diffused lighting can enhance the calming effect of the bird prints and contribute to a spa-like atmosphere. Incorporate ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a well-lit and inviting space.

Rudbeck bird with overhead lighting in a modern bathroom

The bathroom shown above has both natural lighting for the day and recessed mood lighting for day or night use. The rear recessed lighting sets the stage for large, commanding artwork, like the Rudbeck Bittern, which repeats the colors of the rug, wood, and pottery. 

Creative Ideas to Amp Up Your Style

Bird prints may be the pièce de résistance in bird-themed bathrooms, but they aren't the only option. Here are some creative ideas for integrating bird accessories that harmonize with your prints.

Shower Curtains

A shower curtain adorned with bird prints can instantly transform the bathroom into a tranquil sanctuary. Look for curtains featuring artistic renderings of birds, delicate feathers, or whimsical birdcages for an enchanting touch.

Birds Sinfonia shower curtain by Maison Christian Lacroix

Birds Sinfonia shower curtain by Maison Christian Lacroix

The Birds Sinfonia shower curtain shown above also comes with a more subdued white background, but loses none of its drama. 


When it comes to dressing up your bathroom with a feathery flair, don't forget bird-themed wallpaper. This isn't your grandma's wallpaper we're talking about – oh no! Think chic, sophisticated designs that bring the outdoors in without any of the muddy footprints. Whether you opt for a bold, jungle-inspired motif with parrots and toucans taking center stage, or prefer a more subdued, vintage style with delicate sparrows flitting across a pastel backdrop, bird-themed wallpaper can turn your bathroom from a basic watering hole into an enchanted aviary.

Tempaper Birds of Paradise wallpaper in a tiny bathroom 

Wallpaper is also amazingly adaptive - use it to cover one wall of a tiny nook or use it all over. When used abundantly, bird-themed wallpaper can create an immersive experience that transports you to another place. Sparingly used, wallpaper creates a focal point. Whether you choose to go all in or take a tempered approach largely depends on other design elements in your space. Hard to believe, but there is such a thing as too many birds in a bathroom!


Bird-themed accessories abound. Think soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and tissue box covers adorned with delicate bird prints. These small accents can tie the theme together and add a playful element to the overall decor.

castelbel love bird soap

 Castelbel Lovebirds Soap

Castelbel's buttery-colors lovebird soap lends a subtle touch to any bird-themed bathroom - but beware, it's so beautiful you won't want to use it often.

Window Treatments

Consider incorporating bird-printed window treatments, such as curtains or blinds, to bring a soft, natural feel to the bathroom while allowing natural light to filter through.

Bird window shades from Next
Bird-themed window blind from Next

Accent Tiles

 If you're renovating or updating the bathroom, bird-themed accent tiles are a playful option. They're also fairly permanent, so make sure you love them. And who wouldn't love these Delft bird tiles by Marlborough?

Delft bird tiles by Marlborough

 Delft bird tiles

The crackle glaze pattern tiles have a light an airy feel, and are individually hand painted and signed on the front of the tile. 

Tips for Maintaining Prints in the Bathroom

bathroom cleaning product

Photo by Spruce Refillable Cleaning on Unsplash

The amount of time you invest in maintaining your prints will likely depend on how much you've invested in the prints themselves. If you're anything like me and your decor mood changes with the seasons (or the latest TV drama), you might lean towards inexpensive prints that you can swap out faster than a chameleon changes colors. Think of it as speed dating for your walls – no long-term commitment necessary! But many others will want high-quality prints on thick water color paper displayed in beautiful frames. if that's you, then buckle up for some top-tier maintenance tips to keep your art in pristine condition for years to come.

Avoid Sunlight Exposure

To preserve the vibrant colors of bird prints, it's important to keep them away from prolonged direct exposure to strong sunlight. This helps prevent fading and deterioration over time. Also consider UV protective glass for your frames. Yes, it exists. This special glass helps protect your prints from the harsh effects of sunlight and is worth the cost if you're interested in archival artwork.

Water is Not Your Friend

Humidity is another party crasher in the bathroom art scene. To combat damage, ensure your frames are sealed tight. This keeps the moisture out and prevents your artwork from turning into a sad, wavy mess that resembles a flag on a blustery day.

Regular Cleaning

Lastly, remember the golden rule of bathroom art maintenance: keep it clean, folks. A gentle wipe down with a dry cloth now and then will keep your bird prints looking fresh. Use a damp cloth to gently clean the frame and glass.

The Feathered Finale

And there you have it—your very own bird-themed bathroom that promises to be the envy of both feathered friends and human ones alike. Whether you're in it for a quick aesthetic refresh or you're down for the long-haul with some serious art investments, we've covered the A to Z to ensure your lavatory takes flight in style.

 flock of crows bird print in a bathroom

Japanese Crows by Wantanabe Seitei

Just remember, when it comes to keeping those prints and accessories looking chirpy, a little TLC goes a long way. After all, even the most majestic birds preen themselves. Here's hoping your new bathroom decor makes every visit a little more uplifting—feathers or no feathers. Happy decorating!

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